A forum for organization, mindset, discipline, etc?


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May 9, 2019
I think it's needed. The reason I came up with that was that I was looking for a place to post this question: how do you actually organize your life? Caleb wrote a whole chapter about organization methods but not about how to actually carry them out. I've tried them all, pen and paper, apps, software, you name it but never satisfied.

My life is pretty complicated. I have health issues that I need to track and do research on, I'm learning 2 instruments and Spanish, my work is complicated (scientific research), I need to (re)learn game, start alpha 2 businesses, get a second passport and what not. Plus a host of little chores. And the thing is time is linear so I need a way of associating priorities and reminders to different tasks. I think Caleb himself has a complicated life too. So how do you do it?

Lenox J

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Mar 11, 2019
You're doing waaaay to much brother.

The forum for your topics and questions is this one:

OK so here's the thing, you have to focus on one thing to do well at it and reach the goals you want. Sometimes you can get away with doing two things.

When I say focus I mean things you want to accomplish over a 90-day period. Here's what I'm doing over the next 90-days.

If you're like me, I have a terminal illness, then you will want to focus on that full-time. It's hard. I know, but it's what we need to do since our health is our wealth. We cannot do anything else, or be useful to others, if we don't have an able and strong living body. Focus on your nutrition to get the proper nourishment for the energy you need to tackle your life Mission(s). Then get to the gym a couple times a week. Then supplement accordingly.

That's one focus.

In the background I am building a site based on my writing on how to live a natural life in an unnatural society. It's serious, but not my full focus right now. https://cavemanlenox.wordpress.com/

When my health improves I can devote more time, money, and energy into it. That's when I'll focus on finance almost exclusively because I have a greater command over my health that I can dial down my attention overall.

I recommend the same. Also, learning and instrument and language can be something you do daily for 20-minutes or so, but unless you are aiming for fluency, they can be done in the background. I do this with Chess and investing currently.

Bottomlne: your focus is what you deveot 80% of your effort to achieve during a particular season in your life. I recommend 90-day/12-week cycles.