any advice on my social life?


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May 7, 2019
i got a problem.
a year ago, i decided to cut myself from my social circle. i started hanging with some people 3 years ago, and it was fun. almost all of my friends from before have moved to other parts of the country, and it felt really good to have a social life other than dating.
the first year of hanging with them was great. parties every weekend and it was a place to just relax while being social.

the guy that had all the parties lived wall to wall with the girl that brought other girls to the parties. we were even fucking every now and then.
all good, right?
then she got a boyfriend, and the dynamic changed a little, but not too much. and the guy that was hosting the parties is borderline retarded (im sure of it) and he started getting on my nerves.
the next summer came around, and the neighbor girl stopped bringing hot friends to the parties. it was the same shit every weekend. and they all started to nag on me to do chores for them, as im the only one with a car. it came to the point where it was embarassing, and i felt very much used.

then there was this birthday party at this rented house where i knew this hot girl had a crush on me.
and thanks to the way the other people made me do fucking chores, and driving them, i missed my chance.
this girl was super drunk, and i knew i could have done it with ease. the next day, i drove over to the "social spot" with some bottles of vodka they had left in my car.
and guess what. that fucking borderline retard had fucked her at the after party.

i went back into my car. and decided to never have anything to do with them ever again.
it felt so fucking amazing.

time went by, and 6 months later i got in contact with the guy that introduced me to that social circle.
this guy and i had a lot of fun a couple of years ago. meeting women everyday and just hanging out. but when he stopped introducing new women and was relying on me for every new woman, i got sick of it. He brought nothing to the table.

after hanging with him for a couple of months, it got really boring. still bringing nothing to the table, and he was all "mine" "mine" with every girl, even he never got to fuck any of them. so i couldnt do anything, and he just fucked everything up.
then i started playing with the idea of getting back with the old crowd. i started contacting them again, and guess what? all the fucking nagging about driving started right away... and if i dont do it, they have no interest in seeing me.
this has only been going on for about a month now.

now, the guy that hosted all the parties, live at the same place, but the neighbour girl has moved 15 min away by car.
and that changes everything.
if i want to stay with this group, i need to stay friends with the guy hosting the parties, and the girl that used to live next to him.
and i find it very very difficult.
i hate everything about the guy hosting the parties. and i mean everything. and having to crawl for months to get back in with him.. i dont know if i can do it. But its a necessary evil, as hes got the place where people gather to drink. (its because he lives in a fucking dumpster and people can do whatever they want in there)

i dont have that big problems staying in touch with the girl, but the driving requests are getting on my nerves.

what should i do? is it worth swallawing all this degrading stuff to have a social life? i dont even know if its nearly as good as it was a couple of years ago.

to top it all off. the guy that i got back in touch with after 6 months is so fucking toxic. i know he talks shit behind my back. especially to girls.
a couple of weeks ago, he had this super hot girl over, and she told him she wasnt interested in him. and he started begging her to at least suck his dick. i was just sitting there, leaned back on the couch. shocked and embarassed over his behavior.
then she said "only if he wants to join..." and looked over at me.
sure. im in. a blowjob with a dude next to me is better than no blowjob.
went went into the bedroom, and the other guy couldnt get it up. and at this point, i was sick of him trying to claim every girl and letting them go to waste for both of us.
so i ended up fucking her, while he was asking for his turn, but i just pushed him off the bed. he couldnt get it up anyways.

after we were done, he started talking shit about me. and i even interupted him from talking shit about me to her. he told me that she didnt want to do it with me, and i lost it. for the next couple of weeks, we was pissed off. i recently noticed that the girl deleted me on face, and i know its because hes been nagging her about it. thats what he does. a week ago, we made up (or he made up, as i told him ive done nothing wrong) and hes constantly been trying to rise above me. talking about how HE cant get a boner with a guy next to him because hes not gay. asking me many times if ive talked to the girl. i say i have nothing to talk to her about because i dont know her. "but you have her on face right?" he asks (like he doesnt know she deleted me)
i just tell him that i never added her on face.

so, a couple of days ago, i decided to ask out one of the girls hes been rejected by. i know shes into me and its a waste of good pussy not to try.
she was busy this week with dancing lessons, but she asked me if i wanted to join her at couples dance on thursday.
then today, i got a message on face from the guy "are you ready to dance tomorrow?"
you got to be kidding me. hes talked to her and shes probably mentioned it.

then, a couple of hours later, i got a group sms, where he said "finally with with cleaning the appartment, now im ready to go over to * so we can train on the moves for the dancing class tomorrow"
he made a fucking group sms to make it seem casual.

hes ruining my fucking life. i have enoguh stress when it comes to the porn production and dating. especially dating.
now, this fucking maggot does THIS. to fucking ME.

man. tomorrow, i will ignore him, and treat it as a date and openly flirt with her. then i will tell her that we should meet again, and set up a date in front of his face.

i had a lot of stuff i needed to vent out.
what do you think of the situation. any advice?

and just to clarify. i do hang out with people dumber than me. they are easier to control. if im in a room with a girl and these guys, im always the best guy in the room. and i like that.

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019

What's the question or comment? Be clear and direct, if you want support.

Which definitely factors into your social life. You aren't clear and direct about who you are, what you want, and what you don't put up with, so people take advantage. It's your fault.

Turn the tide by being clear and direct with your question here.


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Apr 30, 2019
Jesus this made my head spin.

Like the other dude asked, what are you actually asking? lol.

If you're asking if you should slash all those serpents, don't look at me - I'm the weird type who can spend whole WEEKS alone and enjoy it haha. My super biased response would be "yeah, get them all out of your life!" Hell just reading your post made me exhausted don't know if I'd be able to actually live through it.


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May 7, 2019
there are 3 questions within the post. "what should i do? is it worth swallawing all this degrading stuff to have a social life?" and "what do you think of the situation. any advice?" Its pretty clear.

im very clear in my social life. these people act this way with everyone. im no exception. the difference is that im the only one not saying yes every time.

if i did things any other way, i wouldnt have the success i have with women. its a lot of work, but i pull in at least 4 times the number of women any other "pua" i know. and its worth sacrificing a comfortable life to achieve this.
would be a good advice if i wasnt doing very well.

@joelsuf i understand where youre coming from. its just that the weekends are usually the slowest days of the week to me, as most dates happen from sunday-thursday. on fridays and saturdays, people go out to drink and i want to maximize my results.

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Mar 11, 2019
What's clear is that you are not happy @AndyKay.

You question is thus, do I put up with not being happy so I can have sex?

You know the obvious answer to that question, yet you're afraid to act.

That's because you don't know what the alternative is.

Fear is not your issue, it's ignorance.

I recommend committing to becoming Alpha 2.0 and outcome independent. It'll teach you what you don't know beyond the free material on the BlackDragon Blog.

1— Unchained Man —
2— Sampson and the Wizard —

I write about these topics too—

Thing is all of this is tough because you have to admit to yourself you're not being as clear as you think you are. If you were, you wouldn't be frustrated. Learn what the disconnect is. Accept it. Change it. Starting that work and it's initial results will embolden you and you'lll feel better in 30 days or less.

You're not alone and we're all here to help you along.


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Aug 10, 2019
I'd rather be all alone than have to deal with all that bullshit. Dump them and use the extra free time to date more chicks.


Nov 30, 2019
Simple answer to do this from me would be get away. Clearly it’s on your mind and with this on your mind you can’t possibly be focused on the better for yourself.

You'll eventually run into these girls alone, on your own terms, or they will find you on FB like “hey do you remember me?”, but even if not, why would you go feelings like YOU are being USED by other MEN?

I think you know the answer very well, but you found comfort in meeting girls easy at a party there.