betas posing as Alpha 1.0s

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
This thread on Alphas in the mainstream got me thinking about the betas in the world that society celebrates.

There are many betas who are wrongly considered Alpha because they are rich and/or famous, and arguably powerful in many ways. Having agency is not enough to be OI with money and women. No that comes from a mindset and having a code that you honor with intention. In the examples below, the supposed Alphaness is based on external, but when those factors go away are lose fashion, their true nature will show.

This initial list is hard to think of since I rarely think of these types of men, and neither should you haha.

Here we go for starters:

DRAKE (along with most rappers today)
CHRIS PRATT (and the entire male cast of PARKS AND RECREATION except for Nick Offerman)
The entire male cast of FRIENDS, which I believe cemented leading betas in the media and why white men have to contend with such bullshit from society today.


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Apr 30, 2019
I'd add the entire male cast of Seinfeld on there too. As far as the cast of Friends, I never considered any dude on that show alpha at all.

I'd also put in most sports stars as either betas or alpha 1s.