Blogs that reaffirm Caleb's "Get the F*ck out of the U.S." YouTube video

Pickle Rick

Nov 23, 2019
YouTube Video title: The beginning of the end has finally arrived - save yourself now


1) BIG by Matt Stoller - on monopolies in the Unites States and how it affects your life.

2) No Mercy/No Malice by Scott Galloway

3) Armstrong Economics by Martin Armstrong

Disclaimer: Martin practices a cyclical economic confidence model by way of a computer called Socrates. His blog entries tend to teeter over into conspiracy theory but are still interesting. The thing to note is economic confidence is not economics in practice. My other complaint is, according to the blog, we are heading for something big, that hasn't materialized... yet...

These all point to a decline in quality and higher prices (of everything) as well as more difficulty navigating personal and professional goals in the United States. But it is not just that. There is a lot happening below the surface that does not make the sensational news. This is why Caleb says make a plan and get out of the United States.

Essentially, private equity firms are making your life harder and more expensive. Corporatism and monopolies create non-competitive markets. Don't think so? Read the blogs. Not to mention the current brainwashing you have if you grew up in America.
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