Chess is a metaphor for life

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
If you have a win that relates to chess, post it below.

I spent last week with my Dad slaying Dragons. His brother, my Uncle passed, and the funeral proceeding was run by women and their orbiters. Backwards.

My Uncle's name was wrong on the program. His clothes wrong. Cremation process wasn't organized. And more. We had to fight to correct mistakes so we could grieve gracefully and make constructive moves forward.

All I had was me as King. My Dad as Rook. My Brothers here as Rook. One friend as Bishop. Funeral Director/Staff as pawns.

Us against My Aunt as white King. Her son as Queen. Her daughter as Rook. Other family members as Bishops, including my Mom and her husband. Funeral staff as pawns.

It was messy since there's so much stale energy with this side of my family. They don't respect my Dad at all. Little room to coax and enchant them in short bursts. Nor is it necessary for anything else in my life.

I played it by removing and trading pieces quickly. Charming family members with stories. Ignoring bishops poised to distract me, but were wholly irrelevant and could be avoided while playing for the checkmate.

I focused instead on the pawn game. Moving the director staff to help us organize the cremation proceedings and grant my Dad a courtesy call. This involved the Queen who held the contract in his name and dictate what would happen.

Why you would put this responsibility in the hands of a nephew instead of the grown older Brother with the time, money, and sense to do these things, is beyond me.

Things worked out in the end as they always do when you put in the effort. We made concessions with things we could not change like the name on the program, and an unflattering picture of my Uncle that didn't speak to his gravitas and style.

I use chess the way some use therapy. I assess the moves I make in a game and decide what to focus on to make myself stronger. Last fall I focused on improving my pawn game. Making use of employees, strangers, and tools, to my unfair advantage.

It helped in this case to have a neutral third party as a pawn and more or less make the enemies stronger pieces irrelevant.

Many of you will recall defeats with my effective employees 😏

I certainly didn't see this as i lived it. Retrospect is clearer. My goal this season is to see the board in real time ALL-WAYS. I challenge you all to do the same.

Handling your business regardless of how you feel is enough when you don't see the board. Never shy away from responsibility Brother.

Also as early as February I'll be writing about Chess. How I play in real life. How to use it as the filter you view life through.