Effects of masturbation


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Oct 22, 2019
Hi Guys,

I've been masturbating my entire life amd do it daily, even if I'm having sex the same day. I might skip it, if I have sex more than twice a day. On days where I don't have sex, I masturbate at least once. Sometimes I prefer masturbating over sex, because I don't need to make her come.
Since I've never really taken a break, a haven't been able to assess what the daily masturbation does to me.
Anybody here that can tell me, how life might change after quitting masturbation or lowering its frequency?

PS: Is anybody here who is effecticely using masturbation as a reward to get things done? If so, what is your approach?

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Mar 11, 2019
Sometimes I prefer masturbating over sex, because I don't need to make her come.

This makes no sense

Your only role in a relationship is to make her cum often and ridiculously

If not you don't have control over your relationship

Stop masturbating

Man up

Focus on improving your one or two of your Seven Life Areas

This will force you to feel less empty and lonely, which is the real reason you masturbate

Then you'll have more courage to conquer areas of your life that you've long neglected because you wasted so much time masturbating


May 21, 2019
Masturbating frequently ruins your sexual skills. It trains you to cum quickly with minimal effort. Just like you said, its easier because you don't have to make her cum. No. This is terrible for you. If you want women to stick around, you have to consistently make them cum. If that is too much of a pain for you, then it sounds like you would rather just masturbate and not deal with women at all. If you want women to keep coming back you have to keep making them cum every time. You will be lousy at making her cum and lasting if you masturbate all the time.


Nov 22, 2019
A couple potential problems with masturbation itself:

Desensitivity caused by tight grip causing actual sex to feel less pleasurable

Dissociation of sexual enjoyment with the act of sex with a woman (and only the act of sex with a partner will provide the health benefits you really want long term).

The real problem would likely be porn, the male brain really isn't designed for such easy access to extreme gratification like that. Escalating fetishes, sexual boredom, porn related ED is a thing.