Feel good songs thread!!


Nov 30, 2019
Hey, what songs motivate you, etc, let’s sure.

For example:

“Best”, “you’re simple the best, better than all the rest,, better than anyone over ever met”, but Tina Turner. That’s my song in the morning. Good guitars, licks, etc. voice is amazing by a female. And it says “you’re simple the best”, is al I need to hear and I allow that mood to take over than me.

In my business negative time I listen to Eminem “8 mile”, because there’s a line that says something like “please, I’m begging you job, don’t let me work a regular job” or along those lines.

When I go for my fights (sport) I listen to DMX, it gets my hyped. A little bit of LOX.

In my own time I listen to a lot Tupac, and Nas ( good life especially) just to reflect on things.

On my way to pick up a new girl I met I listen to Edward Collins, “girl like you, good voice, rhythm, etc.. it groovy, and it puts me in the mood to make me have fun with her, she doesn’t know it, but it puts me in the mood.

My alarm clock is “ I GET MONEY” by 50 cent. Cause that’s what wakes me up, to get money.

I’d love to see what you guys listen to to push yourself because music is a drug to us since it feeds us waves that control our moods, etc.

Please share.