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Jul 22, 2019
Hey guys,

I am currently working on my personal code and mission, based on the chapters in The Unchained Man, by BD. If you have seen my posts in the “Women/Relationship Management” forum, you will see why I can benefit from it. I’ve got some one it is to cure and may be focusing my life entirely too much on women. I have a great paying job, hobbies, friends, and women, but I am still lacking that overarching “mission” to drive me to new heights.

Two areas I am focusing on are music (I play guitar) and comedy - I love to make people laugh and am pretty good at it, but I haven’t figured out how to apply that to a mission. My mission won’t necessarily cover both areas, but I am focusing on those in particular because I think they are good ways to give back to the world, too.

I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to share their story on how they found their mission, as it may be inspirational to me and anyone else who is starting down this path.

I would love to hear your stories and process.

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Apr 30, 2019
A lot of people think that a mission needs to be earth shattering, like if they don't make serious history, that it isn't a real mission or something.

This is absurd, and a mission has nothing to do with any of that stuff.

Take BD himself for example, his mission is making sure more dudes go from omega, beta, or alpha 1 to Alpha 2 and that's it. He wants to people to achieve the same stuff he did in less time than he took to do it. He says it in his podcasts: He wants one million dudes to adopt the Alpha 2 lifestyle.

As for me, I want to work with incels and other guys who feel like they could be incels. I want to also take people out of the toxicity of the constant threat of massive groupthink and get people to live on their own terms and deal with the impending shaming from peers without having it affect their mental health. I use my writing and my epiphanies to do this.

My mission is to get people "ready" to start on their journey to being Alpha 2 by getting them to master the art of enjoying their own company, something that a lot of us desperately need in this new world of social media which has turned our world into a giant high school.

I'm not trying to change the world or something, I just want to send the message that learning how to enjoy your own company is going to be very important going into the 2020s.


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Mar 11, 2019