How I open women who then fight for my attention


Caveman lenox
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Mar 11, 2019
Caleb's work is less about opening and pickup and more about relationship management.

It's why I gravitate towards this work and probably you too since we're all busy. It's simpler to invest a decent amount of time to build a roster than to constantly chase or contract oneitis.

So here's something I do in my marketing and also with dating.

I have girls qualify themselves to me, and if they pass I take them out on a date.

That's why my openers are usually playful questions with a "this or that" setup.

This works for me since I view ALL women as pretty or plain.

Pretty girls are for getting to know to see if we can fuck.

Plain girls are family, co-workers, and anyone you deem offensively unattractive.

I have no women friends outside of FB and never fuck women who can help me make BIG money.

Anywhats.... You can copy and paste this, but it's best to use your own language.

So I ask: "You seem cute and fun... true or false (smiley emoticon if you're texting)"

Seems harmless right?


1 - I know that I love cute and fun girls (aka youthful, playful, adventurous, feminine, low ASD).

Women who want serious relationships won't respond to this.
"Feminists" who want to keep their reputation won't respond to this.
Dominant women won't respond to this.

List goes on, but you get the point.

All that's left over are women who are worth getting to know because they're flirtatious, sexual, and into getting to know me.

2 - It's a question which girls, attention-seekers that they are, can't resist.

This is specifically a "this or that" question since I know women are indecisive.

Now I've made their choices simple.

Are you cool or are you boring miss?

That's how she'll correctly interpret it.

Tell me so I don't waste my time kid lol.

If she says True, then I play off that.

Never got a "false". But sometimes silence.

With silence, I'll respond with "I'm guessing false... wack."

Or "I'm guessing false... your childhood must have been rough. Where are you from"

Use whatever you normally shift to. I rarely get this so I don't recall what I've said in the past.

Sometimes the convo goes logical, and I still get lays even then.

My current MLTR was a logical one.

3 - I want them to know I'm a dick-carrying member of society ready to fuck.

Most men never approach them so directly.

Mix this open with physical, sexual touch, and a sharp gaze and she'll make a hard yes or no.

Then you follow through accordingly.

Worst case, she says "false" or "nothing", you respond with "your loss" or "good luck with that" as you smirk and go about being awesomely, mission-focused you.

My point here is to figure out what's important to you and then build questions and scenarios so women qualify themselves to you.

In business, when I cold-approach, I send emails asking them 2 or 3 questions about their business. This is the same thing. It's 30-seconds of their time that saves me hours of my own to figure out.

Also on a psychological level, strangers who invest in doing something for you are more endeared to you and investing in building something with you.

So if you like feminine women like I do, then use my words.

You might like athletic women, so say something like "You seem like you do pilates (choose something more specific than workout)... true or false?"

With something like this, you can be like "Flex for me, as you go to feel her muscle use a firm and caressing grip."

Whatever you find attractive, make women show off that side of themselves based on pointed questions like these.

Put them on display. Not yourself. You are the king and she is there to please you.

So many principles at play, but the key principle is not about what you say, but how you view women and your world.

I only talk to women I find attractive.

When I find someone I find attractive even if she isn't in my TM or my "norm", I say to myself, "I wonder if she's fun and cute".

Thus forcing me to find out by directly asking her.

I think self-awareness is important and being in tune with what excites you and readily acting on it is essential to being a man of action.

This is how I walk the walk.

I'll see if I have photos of this in action when I use it in text...

Lazy Blitz

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Apr 5, 2019
If the site or app doesn't use a very accurate and mandatory GPS location tracking, the first thing I want to know is how far from me they live because I don't want to waste time on someone who lives too far from me to actually come to my place and have sex on a semi regular basis.

So in my opener, I tell her in which area I currently stay and I ask her which part of town or district she currently lives in. I don't continue the conversation if she stays more than 20km from me. I start with a very strict set of search criteria suiting my tastes and I message all the search results. That way, I send the same opener to thousands of profiles automatically with just her profile name as a variant so that it is not detected as copy paste by the site.

Then I quickly get hundreds of replies and I continue the conversation only with the women near me who I find cute or hot in pictures. Generally I use the messages templates featured in BD's Ultimate Online Dating Manual.