I'm too stoic


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May 9, 2019
Recently I've been taking better care of my health, fitness, appearance and mindset and as a result I see women are more attracted to me on a primal level. As an aside if you feel you're invincible and can go through a stone wall, women will be attracted to you like never before. This is about determination, self certainty and more. Some call it killer instinct.

But there is still the conversation barrier between the primal attraction and getting laid. Women like happy flirtatious guys and I've become so stoic. I used to be better; I think some bad experiences in the past and not living a happy life has got under my skin.

For the record I've known stoic guys who were good with girls. For example I had a classmate who was basically a psychopath and emotionally blank who was very good with girls. But he could be flirtatious too like once he told a girl "You look like a handsome lad".

Being flirtatious is not about what you say but about how you see the world. To not take things and people serious and be able to laugh at them and at yourself. But I seem to have become strung up with a lot of concerns and plans. Probably defensive too. Not sure how to reverse this trend.

I think the combination of being stoic (emotionally unmoved) and being playful and funny would be the killer combo.