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Apr 30, 2019
"You get what you pay for" is thoroughly embedded in our psyches. People believe if the price is low, the quality is low.

The corollary is, you better be able to prove you're worth the money. That means build a high quality portfolio and let potential customers see it.
See, this is a struggle for me. EVERY freelance writing assignment I've done for the last two years has been ghostwriting. So the byline of the thousands of articles I have written are blank. It sucks. I have samples that I wrote that are on full display but they aren't by me and I haven't gotten a clear answer on how to solve this.

As good as I am, I should be regularly writing for at least .08 per word, but only certain clients pay that and they don't give out a lot of work.

Meanwhile the client who is paying me a little over a penny per word wants me to write 100k words worth of content by August. Funny how that works lol.

I'm not salty, however. I'll figure it out. Then I'll be good to go.

Lenox J

Caveman lenox
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Mar 11, 2019
"Sell aspirin to people with headaches"

If you want to make more money, you have to position yourself to be in front of peopel already spending lots of money on copywriters.

I know you can pull that off on FIver, but I'm not the one to ask about how.

That said, I do know if you choose a target market that you get well, then you can start pitching companies who spending thousands each month to reach said market. Say I want to write for you and increase your conversions because I know this market well.

You'll get paid more on that first project than these smaller gigs.

Power has nothing to do with intelligence and skill, and everything to do with positioning. Position yourself better to have more power in managing how you're treated or in this case , how you're paid.


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Jul 23, 2019
Joel, I haven't seen you mention it (correct me if I'm wrong), but your Uber income is going to be substantially less once you account for taxes.

They don't take any taxes out, you're on the hook for that at the end of the year. A guy I know talked about how great it was, then got fucked for a huge tax bill. When all was said and done Uber ended up being about $10/hr (and that's not included had and wear and tear on your vehicle).