Kenneth Dunlop introduction


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Apr 9, 2021
Hi guys, I'm Kenneth Dunlop, programmer and future self-employed Game Designer.
1- I've followed the Blackdragon Blog for years, so when Caleb opened this Society I was definitely interested. I've become very much aware that to succeed, I'll need to be around other people with the right mindset. They say it's the top five people you're around that determine the quality of your life, so hopefully being around all you guys will be good for me! I'm increasingly finding that 'normal' people are no help in getting closer to my goals.

2- I'm mostly focused on my Financial life. I figure once I have enough money, everything else becomes a lot easier! I'd like to turn my blog and games into money-making ventures that'll replace my day job.
For those interested, my blog is here:

On the side, I plan to start dating again once the Covid lockdown is over. My equivalent of Pink Firefly would be a tall redhead, but I expect to get through a lot of women before finding her!

3- As for Alpha 2.0 habits, I have a secret 'dreams' document I look at daily full of images that inspire me (successful men, hot women, mostly). I've even written a few letters from my future self to tell me what my life will be like at various stages in the future. I also used MJ DeMarco's 10, 5, and 1 year plan technique. I write up affirmations 15 times every day on my computer. I'm also a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger's speeches on success and listen to success-related YouTube channels while I work sometimes.

Movies I like that are relevant to the material on this site I'd say Fight Club and Office Space.