Losing an Uncle. Becoming a Patriarch.

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
First week of the new year, my Uncle passed, and the following week I lay him to rest.

I traveled to be with family. Say goodbye to my Uncle. Tend to my father who is like us, and needed to stay sane amongst the chaos in our family..

My Uncle Victor was a Great man. Took care of himself, his siblings, and their families when they wouldn't or couldn't take care of themselves. Always modest about it and stealthy with his moves. He had a secret family that no one knew about. That makes me chuckle. It wasn't until his health deteriorated quickly due to Parkinson's that I knew I had another cousin. I didn't know him well, but I have stories. He treated me well, and I miss him.

I get to take on new roles with his passing. My ideal self is the Patriarch of my family name. I get to learn how future self does it through this experience. Everything I do is to become the Greatest Patriarch of my family. Now I enter the next phase of the process.

Send the best energy you can towards me. Send the best to my Dad this season too. Funerals are not for the dead, but those left behind. Me and my Dad are the last two left of our name and blood, and I decided a long time ago that my children will know him.

I want to thank the Brothers here who supported me and even attended the ceremony. That was powerful. A reminder to all who saw it that we still stand strong, and we continue the legacy.

TWO LESSONS (of many):


THIS is why SMIC exists. Caleb has exciting new work coming out to esnure you learn this lesson: To connect offline and make your strengths stronger, and your weakness less limiting.

You can only do so much by typing on the Forum, Telegram, or Discord. Connect with your Brothers. Make moves. All so you can conquer through hardship with a smile on your face like I have. Also so you can smile through the grand times with men you know and trust, as you feast on great whisky and steaks.

Stacking cash and big booty cuties are nice, but nothing beats the power of Brotherhood. Not inside SMIC, get there quick: https://alphamale20.kartra.com/page/vIL17


My Dad has many tenets of Alpha Male 2.0, and very much a ruthless Dark Triad. He and I were the only ones at peace with my Uncle's passing. We both take responsibility for ourselves with no regrets. If I had grown up with his example, I probably wouldn't need SMIC.

Happy to say we're the closest we've ever been, and I can shut off my 🤡🌎 relatives who don't understand me or him. Now we're looking into how to invest $10K so we can start making moves together as Father and Son ❤

For those who do not know their Dad. Make no judgement until you speak directly with him, and hear his story.


May 10, 2020
Hi man

Sorry to hear, and I'm here for you if you need anything.
Also, I remember having the same experience with my grandfather passing away 13 years ago. He had pancreatic cancer, and he had a great exit with very limited pain. My then wife, now ex-wife could not understand why I didn't show emotions afterwards. It was because I already made peace with his departure, once it was known.

Good luck with the opportunity.