Mastermind re: (Day)game and Alpha 2.0 relationships


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Sep 5, 2019
If there is anyone on this forum who is interested in getting a small mastermind group together with the goals of:
  • exchanging advice on game, primarily daygame but not limited only to that type of game
  • holding each other accountable to regular action steps
  • implementing and adhering to the Alpha 2.0 non-monogamy model
  • all the while maintaining integrity and honesty with women and leaving them fulfilled/better off
Message me and let me know. I've organized and run masterminds both on this topic and others, and I've found that having that accountability tends to accelerate actions and progress. Looking for people serious and committed to improvement and mutual growth in this area.

I'm also interested to hear on this thread what people have done - coaching, masterminds, bootcamps, books, drills - to work on improving their skills in various types of game. As you can guess, I tend to favor daygame interactions, and I've read Torero's stuff as well as Todd V. However, in the past I still used it to pursue more-or-less serial monogamy, and not quite the Alpha 2.0 model for relationships, so I'm trying to rework my approach aggressively in 2020.

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019

Gentlemen do not miss this chance to work with @NightHawkBlue, men of SMIC, and others joining.

If women is your focus the next 6 months, which happens to be "Go Time", then working with men who only want to talk and focus on dating women is the way to go

Talk about managing women while applying what you discuss, and you'll quickly master this part of your life in weeks not years