Meeting older women (+30) as a younger guy.


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Aug 10, 2019
Some time ago, I read a couple of the few BD's articles on advice for younger guys and the whole idea of meeting older women piqued my curiosity. Recently, as I started to get a better physique from my gym efforts and did some effort in being more assertive, I began noticing women many years my senior began to look differently at me. As I am, little by little, leaving behind my oblivious beta male mindset, I began to be more keen on what are the typical signals of interest/attraction and I noticed some were very VERY attracted. I would stare them in the eyes and they would literally turn red, stutter, play with their hair... you know, all that cute heart-melting stuff.

The problem is that to me this is totally uncharted territory. I never considered it a possibility mainly because of the very strong Societal Programming that tells us we're supposed to date people that is about our age, despite that I often found many older women very attractive. There has been more than one occasion in which I could've asked out a woman but I didn't because I did not know how to make it "cool". I felt that I would be a weirdo for asking out for a date a woman many years older than me and couldn't get myself to find a way to do it in a "socially acceptable" way that didn't make her feel inadequate for it.

How would you (or have you) circumvented this? Am I just overthinking it? I just love 'em, and I want to take that to the next level.

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Mar 11, 2019
Haven't had this experience in more than a decade.

BD has articles on this, btu I can't seem to find it. I recall it speaking about what you have to do to both attract them.

Take note this is only a sex-based relationship, the way he talked about it.

What stood out to me is that you don't want to act cool. (Sidenote: that never applies with women. Don't be cool be relaxed)

He said jsut be plain and in shape. Don't try to be smart or anything you would normally do with a younger women. Instead just let them pamper you and get fucked by you.

Pickle Rick

Nov 23, 2019
Stork, you are in the catbird seat so milk that shit for all it's worth.

Sounds like you need to watch some movies to get the approach down.

There are tons of sites for that.

You will know if a girl likes you by the fact that she will notice you--that's it.

Girls that don't want you to engage them will divert their eyes.

It depends on what environment and what city and country you are in but if you are in the United States and cougars and MILFS are taking note of you then you can bridge the gap by getting in closer proximity and addressing them.

Simple shit, man, like "Hi, how's you day going?"

That's all you need to crack it open.

Or something witty and relevant.

See any Bond film (and yes it works).