Mexico City, Mexico Field Report: Goodbye Mexico, hello Vietnam!

Pickle Rick

Nov 23, 2019
Hope to do more of these as I've been traveling for extended stays all across the world.

Well, after spending some three odd years back and forth to Mexico it's time to move on.

Most of the time was spent in Mexico City. But I spent time in Cancun, Merida, Progresso, Guadalajara, Tijuana, and Veracruz.

Here are some bullet-point thoughts:


  • I love the street food and the independently-owned restaurants and bars. Mano Santo Mezcal besitos para ti.
  • Favorite food: chiles rellenos tacos. Tacos de nana (carnitas). Tacos de lengua. Platanos fritos con queso y crema.
  • Mexicos immigration is pretty good. U. S. citizens get 180 days.
  • Public transportation. Metro. Metro bus. Uber.
  • The girls. I had many cute to hot Latina girlfriends and one night stands. I dated girls half my age or almost twenty years younger than me. Mostly from Mexico but also from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela. The girls in Guadalajara really are hot. Disproportionately so. The myths are true. They aren't myths. . But you have to commit. They are weary of blue-eyed guys like me swooping in and trying to sweep them away. There are cultural differences. But the whores and strippers will love you. Viva Mexico! Pre-pandemic Tinder rocked. I had a date every night. Now, not so much. Bumble is older girls. Over 35. It's really dwindled post-pandemic. Mexico Cupid was good pre-pandemic. I met lots of girls. Now, I haven't really put the effort into it as I am setting my sights on SE Asia and China.
  • Open, accepting culture. Polite and helpful. Libertarian. Which is live and let live. Mexicans generally follow the Taoist principle of non-interference. Sometimes that's good. Like they don't mind a person from the United States working, living and loving in Mexico but sometimes it's bad like when your fly is down or you have something in your teeth. They won't say anything. Non-Interference.
  • Cost of living is a little less than the United States but more expensive than say Bangkok or Shanghai. In Mexico City everything is more expensive than the rest of the country.
  • The rain. I love the rain. it rained almost every day in Coyacan from March to about September. Don't quote me on that the seasons vary widely and wildly.


  • NOISE NOISE NOISE - I now fucking hate dogs. So shoot me because I said it but what I would like to do is shoot the owner who leaves his dog home all day to bark. Legally, that's neglect but nobody gives a fuck. The cartels are coming for you you fucking pieces of shit. I had two dogs. A chow and a black lab. Sweethearts. They died. So don't label me an animal hater. If you are trying to film and record in Mexico, good luck. The noise never ends. I asked Mexicans how they deal with it. They just shrug and say they get used to it. Fuck that! The only time I didn't hear noise was when I stayed with my friend in Polanco. She had the top floor penthouse. Far enough removed where you couldn't hear it. Dogs. Music. Construction. Trucks. Bikes. Music. The sounds of salesman (like the Rush song) but not in a good way. Dogs barking. Music. Dogs. Music. Dogs.
  • Mexico is not obese like the white-trash infested US of A but Mexico is flabby. I see very few fit people. Not like the girls you see on Mexican television. That's the one percent. The government in some states has taken measures to prevent the sale of sweets and sodas to children. Good for you, Mexico. Now if your politicians weren't the most greedy and corrupt in the world you might have a shot. Spoiler alert: you don't.
  • AirBnB I grow tired of you and your douchebag, shitbox, hostels. That's not AirBnB that's douchebag slumlords doing the minimum and charging the maximum. The hotels will vary. Don't expect high standards. Be patient because shit doesn't work right, it doesn't work like you think and it is not consistent--especially the WiFi. I looked at apartments but didn't commit. Glad I didn't. Don't get me wrong, some AirBnB hosts were really cool. The other half were pieces of shit. Bar soap with hair and stained comforters. Fight for your rights. That expensive penthouse may not be what you think it is. YMMV.
  • Heat. And no air conditioning. Unless you are on the coast.
  • Mexico City is a cluster fuck of endless blocks of buildings. Where as Guadalajara is laid out more like the United States. There's open spaces and open lots. In Mexico City this means there is always someone on top of you. Always someone in earshot. And the windows are always open. I never feel like I have any privacy. And I get a sort of oppressive, claustrophobic feeling. Yes, I've been to New York but it feels different. In fact, if circumstances were different I'd be there living in New York with Jerry Seinfeld and loving it. I don't know what the deal is but that fact about Mexico City is a deal-breaker. If you are the type of person that needs moments away from people to recharge you will not find that in Mexico City.


  • Everything shitty in Mexico can be traced to corrupt politicians. If you have read things about the rising middle class in Mexico or how well they are doing. Well, I invite you to travel Mexico to see for yourself. The news is bullshit. The statistics are skewed. Mexico is a poor country filled with severe inequality. And now it's worse. Post-pandemic. I dare you to prove otherwise. Empty neighborhoods with homes for rent or for sale. Garbage piled high on block after block. Places in disrepair.
  • Mexico might get its shit together (very doubtful. Sorry) but SE Asia blows Mexico away by far just with infrastructure. Not to mention it's cheaper, more hot girls and just all around more fun. And probably safer. The airport in Mexico City has the ambiance of a truck stop bathroom as do many place in Mexico. The charm wears thin after a while.

  • Mexico is getting worse economically and I have had discussions with people that if Mexico worked with Russia and China they could remove the yoke of being solely dependent on the United States. Not gonna happen. The east will rise. Mexico will sink with the U.S or flounder. The politicians and corporate heads don't give a fuck. They don't even pretend to give a fuck or even pass off some "we are concerned" corporate bullshit like in the United States. The metro is disgusting and depressing whereas the BTS skytrain in Bangkok is cool and clean. Hell, I felt bad for bringing a coffee on. But I never did again after the first time.

So, in summation I can get no peace of mind in Mexico City. I say that tongue-in-cheek but it's kinda true. It was a fun run and it's great for short visits or extended stays of less than thirty days. The country is worthy of exploration. Some of the beaches have too many college students and tourists but others are nice.


The economy cannot match that of the East or some of the better options in the Caribbean or South America. The girls and the food are good but there are better options for me toward the land of the rising sun.


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May 20, 2019
did you move to vietnam ?
update here if you did or when its open as its closed

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
How long are your extended stays?
How much were your spending per day/week/month?