My Girlfriend Wants To Live With Her Guy Friend (NEED ADVICE)


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Jul 20, 2021
Hello, I'm in a long distance relationship, my GF is loving and caring as much as it's possible.
However, today she told me that her friend who lives in another country is going to visit her city and he may stay at her house or she might stay with him for couple of days if he rents something. She asked me if it was okay and I coldly answer her "Do it if you want" and she didn't catch my discomfort.
She told me that they're friends.
I don't know what to make out of it, I love her and I'm pretty sure she loves me too.
Please give me your advice and help me to understand the situation better. What should I make out of it and how should I act with her?

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
"Do it if you want" and she didn't catch my discomfort.
She did catch it, and she didn't respect it. That's why she asked. She knew you would say yes.

This is why you have to say what you mean. If you know it would bother you, why say it wouldn't. There's no conviction now. And women do not respect weakness of any form.

That said, if you were dating in the Alpha Male 2.0 style none of this would be happening. You wouldn't be long distance. You would have at least 3 girls in your rotation. She wouldn't ask because she'd be an FB. Or if she was an MLTR, she probably wouldn't consider it. Also if she did ask, and you said Do What You want, you would mean it. If you said no, she'd respect.

Why are you choosing to limit yourself?