Off and On relationships (includes LSNFTE)


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Jul 22, 2019
BD has frequently mentioned the phenomenon of women getting bored in relationships. I was thinking about this today because of my previous (monogamous) relationship. All in all, we were together for over 5 years and we maintained a passionate sex life and really enjoyed spending time together.

However, every year and a half of that relationship we broke up for anywhere from 2 weeks to a month (usually because of her wanting marriage or a kid). In the breakup time periods we saw other people. So, I was thinking that these break periods actually kept resetting the relationship-boredom timer. Maybe we stuck together (off and on) so long because of that. I figure that maybe LSNFTE also has this same effect.



Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
Here's where I differ from BD.

Boredom can be managed and totally eliminated. However the latter requires a lot of work, at least at first.

So yes with your approach, you're gonna have that happen often.

The alternative is to lighten up her world with constant wonder and intrigue so that she's ALWAYS on her toes.

Simplest way to do this is to treat her like your kid sister and tease her often. This will ignite all her emotions and keep her laughing. Laughter is a good sign and she'll want to be fucked by you forever.

Lack of laughter is boredom, and she'll consider other options.

The more advanced techinques are things that take a lot of focus to develop and sadly isn't widely taught that I've seen.