Online dating Instagram Game edition

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
This is a juicy topic these days.

Online dating is cool, and now it has a new subset— Instagram Game.

This is important to note because whatever you already know about online dating applies to Instagram. The only difference is that you don't need permission or acceptance to say hi and start a new relationship.

I haven't read Caleb's book on online dating, but I bet it all applies to how I'm using IG these days.

Dig this:

1 - Create an account. Takes 2-minutes to do this since all you need is name and email. I suggest not using your real name because it's a fun mystique to it all, plus there are crazies on thee apps. Not a lot, but enough that it helps to be cautious.

Also, make an account strictly for personal use. Having an account for both pleasure and business can lead to confusion and distraction later. That's the mistake I made, now I have to start all over again. Don't be dumb like me.

2 - Find women in your area. Using the search feature, you can find women based on hashtags they use and geolocation tags. Search for "Vegas" or "#(nameofpopularbar). It's worth it to spend 25-minutes on the list of search terms you can use. If I was in NYC, I'd search the name of A-list clubs to find hot, young women. If I lived near a tourist trap, I might use a hashtag like "#WishYouWereHere" "#vacation". If you're traveling, search for women in those areas. I only know one team who actually does this work for you while getting said women to follow you as a bonus.

It's Instagram Casanova with his InstaExplode Instagram Service. For 30 euros a month you get upwards of 400 followers, regardless of the content you post. But if you have quality photos and stories, I've heard people get 1500 new followers per month. When I say followers I mean 80% are women. However, your EFA is more pronounced once you have at least 1K followers. I'm sure it's compounded with each successive thousand or hundred-thousand you earn too.

3 - Open women you find. Many men here have opened women. I like their approaches better than mine, but they don't suit my personality. Opens are unique to you like that, not the woman. That said, my approach is to find a woman I think might be cute and nearby, and may have liked/commented on several posts/stories. I send them this message: "You seem fun and cute... true or false (cat smiley)".

No period because it ain't that serious. The rest is Game that suits you based on what you've learned from Caleb, myself, others, and your experience with women. I explain that in detail here:

If you're traveling to a new location, open with that line in your own personality. Your segue is then something like I'm visiting your town for the first time, what are your favorite spots. Get them to be your tour guide, aim for the classic Alpha 2.0 date. However, there's leeway here for more adventure since you both know you won't be around long. I say make a thing of it without getting carried away. Always stay focused on your Mission brother.


4 - Go out on date and fuck. This is self-explanatory.

@Brian has a system for business specifically, which doubles for IG Game if you focus it in that way. Cost money, but considering how much you already spend on apps with memberships that I no longer use (Bumble, Tinder, etc.) it's worth it. Best part it's scalable, unlike those apps. Read and apply his simple and effective technique here:

Since this is so basic and simple, there's no wrong way to do it. So much fun especially for the workaholic types.