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Jul 22, 2019
Do you guys get a lot of ghosting after chatting a bit and then the girl agreeing to a date?

Basically, we exchange a few messages in the app, I say we should meet and ask when they are free. They reply with free times and I suggest a day/time/location and attach my number so they can text me. Multiple times after this I have gotten ghosted or they unmatch. So odd, but I guess that's just women?

Do you think I should hold off on giving my number? Or do you think it is just low interest?


May 21, 2019
This is usually because you pushed too fast for a date, or you waited to long from the date pitch until the actual date. That's where I get flaked on a lot. Plan a date with a woman as soon as you can because the more days that go by, the more they think and change their mind. If you can't schedule the date right away, you will need comfort bombardment to get her through to the date. Read BD's blog about "comfort bombardment."

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Mar 11, 2019
Multiple times after this I have gotten ghosted or they unmatch. So odd, but I guess that's just women?

Yup that's jus women. If you break frame, they will disrespect you for it.

IN this case you're asking instead of being dominant and telling her what to do. You're giving her work to do instead of makeing it easier for her to follow you. You're being beta instead of Alpha 2.0.

Let's unlearn those bad habits and live out the best skills.

First, once you're matched, your goal is not to get a date. You're skipping a step. You want the number. That's it. Wieh her number you have Greater access to her in a reliable medium she loves to use. FOCUS on that always.

Second, you don't ask for her number. You have to make her laugh and giggle. You're best response will be her saying something like "you're funny."

Then you tell her to give you her number in any of the various ways.

"I don't like this app much, too many weirdos. I vote we move the conversation to text. What's your number?"
"I'm gonna delete this app, let's keep the conversation going though. Number?"
"I'm gonna send you something hilarious. What's your number, I'll send it there"
"You seem fun and cute, it'll be fun to see if that's true or not. What's your number so I can make plans."

Each is direct, clear, and honest. It's you leading and dictating terms. If she's fun, she'll giggle and play along, all signs that she's into YOU. If she's a bore, she'll give you heavy resistance, which you can manage or delete and keep it moving. Choice is yours.

From now on focus on being the dominant lead that makes her life easier. The man who she associates being happy and feeling comfortable with always.
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