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Caleb Jones

Staff member
Mar 11, 2019
In keeping with Alpha Male 2.0 concepts, our goal here is to have the minimum number of rules and a minimum amount of moderation. It is our hope that members help keep the positive, constructive atmosphere of the Alpha 2.0 Community with other members as much as any mod. Remember that this is an environment to help us all improve, not to bitch, complain, or tear each other down.

Here are the rules you should follow when posting anything here at the Alpha 2.0 Community:

1. Don’t be an asshole. The word “asshole” is whatever the mods say it is. Vehement, even angry disagreements and arguments are allowed but being a troll is not. Make sure that everything you say has real content and is meant to help or improve rather than to tear down, insult, or just bitch and complain. Tossing around complaints and/or insults with no constructive criticism or helpfulness is not allowed here. Remember that outcome independence and emotional control are core Alpha 2.0 traits, so disagree all you want, but be cool about it. The Alpha 2.0 Community is a supportive, positive environment. Don’t forget that. Most importantly, if you don’t like it here, LEAVE. No one is forcing you to read or comment on this site.

2. Don’t be a whiny little bitch. No matter how discouraged or upset you are, be solution-oriented. Don’t sit around and complain about your life, or other groups of people, or politics, or whatever. Objectively define problems and present possible solutions. The manosphere is full of blogs and forums where you can bitch and complain about how horrible everything is. If that’s your thing, fine, but do that stuff over there, not here.

3. The following items are never allowed here: threats, doxxing, spam, promoting or linking to illegal activates, posting copyrighted material, copy-and-pasting / cross-posting from other forums or blogs (unless you were the original author), and/or overtly selling your stuff (causal recommendations, mixed with real, helpful content, are okay as are links in signatures).

4. Please keep your comments on-topic to the thread you’re commenting in. Posting completely off-topic questions and/or comments makes things messy and creates more work for the staff. Don’t do it. Create a new thread instead.

5. There is no right to membership on this site. We reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member, at any time, for any reason we want, without any warnings or explanations, even if that member is the smartest man in the universe or your best friend. If you are banned we will try to give you a brief explanation as to why, but we don’t owe you one.

Suggestions for the site are always welcome and our door is always open to you. Feel free to contact the mods or admins with any constructive suggestions.
Not open for further replies.