Quick Business Development

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
Yesterday was a sick day for me. Was sick and avoiding the hospital. I'm traveling and definitely don't want to be treated in a foreign place if I could help it.

And I always can

I worked it out with home remedies and hydration

Got some rest

But couldn't sleep easy since I was not making money that day

Pissed me off

Decided to start a business. Round Midnight I took what I have and crafted a product on gumroad selling monthly membership for Forex service I offer.

Most of my work is hands on, but now I have something I can build and pay me directly

I'm going to do this again later today, nad build a Telegram Room for a business network I have in mind

My point is, USE WHAT YOU GOT!

Don't overthink or think it has to be extra special

For 25 minutes of work I have a new business running

All I'm offering are reliable signals I'm already using

Likewise, I can now network with a group of like-minded men where we talk and ACT on things I already do every day

Keep it smart and simple Brothers

Get yo money and move with haste

Faster you move, the quicker you get to the other side