tech guys dating relationships location dependant


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May 20, 2019
are there lot of tech guys on these forums
since tech guys work is virtual ,not location dependant ,I wasnt really that aware of how other aspects of life are very location dependant like dating ,real estate
what do any one here say dating is also somewhat location dependant
this is my conclusion as even in us in tech area silicon valley too many guys and few women vs miami more women than men
this is not to say skills dont matter ,more like there are many things in life location dependant

Pickle Rick

Nov 23, 2019
I travel a lot and if you find the right girls you can have FBs in different countries.

It depends on what lifestyle you want, what career, and what type of women.

This is a lot of trial and error and you must be savvy to the culture, custom and languages of coures

Forget California. It is just too cost prohibitive now. And there is no point in staying there unless you live on the coast. If you can live there rent free by all means live it up. Silicon Valley and San Francisco have gone very liberal and feminist. It's not worth the cost.

Miami is more manageable but still expensive and you are dealing with the wealthiest of the wealthy. It's become an international playground.

Although it might not be bad if you are pulling Black Dragon's minimum of $75000 annual and you speak Spanish.

One can learn and adapt to be location independent but it will take some adapting.

It's really an exercise and minimalism but to me less is more. I enjoy the freedom and I don't entertain hobbies that require a lot of materials and I don't store or collect things.
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