Tell a girl you met she’s like your little sister.


Nov 30, 2019
This is my favorite line ever in the first conversation.

I talk with a female, laugh, joke, use clever words, etc.

She’s feeling it, (nothing sexual) and than I tell her how awesome she is like a little sister to me. Then I end the conversation...

What I get is a daily hello, blah blah how are you. Then I use the neg game of being a bit flirt, mean but nice but mean.

In a very short amount of times these women break where they say “I’m not your little fucking sister, would you want to fuck your little sister?!”, along those lines. This is where I know I got them.

This started for me asking this hot bartenders name, asking if she was my sister while other dudes hit on her. She did not like that. But I told her, she looks like my long lost little sister and in this cold water I thought she might be bartending. She was MAD, and when we both declared she wasn’t my little sister. She acted mean, I just wanted a drink, but she was mean, kept saying does my little sister bring me drinks, I said no, cause idk her. She kept asking do I find my little sister got, I said no, cause idk what she looks like today. Then she said would I fuck my little sister, I said no because that’s gross, and then she did it, asked me if I think she is gross. Which I said no to, and then she told me “ok then fuck me like I’m your little sister and and let’s not get grounded”... damn right I fucked her, and I don’t have a sister, for sure.

Every since then I tel this shit to women and they always say “I’m not your little fucking sister”. I really believe it irritates them that a man will never see them more than a little sister, because how can a man not want to fuck them, but them flowers, tell them how beautiful they are, etc.

The most weirdest thing is afterwards they will say “hey your sister needs to see you”, and shit.

For some reason this is what got me laid the most.

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
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