Two steps to diminish or outright eliminate drama and bitch attitudes in your life

Papi Knox

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Mar 11, 2019
Guys tend to run into the same problems here, and I have a solution to help you.

It will take a bit of effort to put into practice, but frontloading this work will be worth it.

If you aren't happy with the women or relationships you have, then it's time to accept it for what it is— they don't fit in your life as key players.

Nothing wrong with it, and you don't have to do anything extreme like "cut them all off" at once, or ever.

Instead put more attention to how you choose people you let into your life. I'll directly approach this subject with women as the exampl,e but you can easily apply it to your colleagues, friends, relatives, even the strangers you're likely to bump into on the street.

With women I notice the same concerns, they don't fuck, are argumentative, bitchy, high drama, or worse, they become fat, stupid and/or lazy.

In general sense, these are classic femalities that every girl is prone to becoming. However, if you are the lead in your relationship, and hold the opposite standard for yourself, women will follow your example or avoid you like the plague. Win-win either way.

If you have basic biology or business sense, you may see that I'm talking about marketing— How you attract what you want, and repel what isn't for you.

The best way to start to lead women with this in mind, is at the start with your first impressions and opens.

1— Begins with knowing what you want and who wants you. This is your target market as BD explains here:

Who you like may change with who likes you, especially if you're growing and improving like we all choose to do here. That means you may not like who is coming after you, and more importantly, what you want is incongruous with who wants you.

Solution: Shift your appearance and approach with sound insight from the many dates you go on relatively to determine your personal style to connect with people that are assets to you instead of liabilities.

This takes time and is both frustrating and exciting. Frustrating because there are so many variables you'll want to control for accurate data gathering. Exciting because with each girl you next, you're one step closer to healthy women you'll enjoy.

For this step focus on what physical (weight, height, location, hair style, etc ) and personal traits (playful, relaxed, humble, athletic, basic, etc.)

Make a list of em and take the women you have in your life from your Mom to your current roster. See which of these women have the traits you life. Then gauge how much you enjoy the respective relationship. The rest is self-evident.

2— Package your life like you would a business product to attract and repel accordingly. Marketing is about targeting what you want, so the way you look, talk, walk and overall act sends messages to the world what kind of man you are. Use this to your advantage.

This is all about the peacock. Starts with fitness (your mind and body), your fashion style, the rhythm and method in which you walk and talk. At the more advanced stage it's how you present yourself on paper, online, in your career, etc. When done intentionally this isn't a task to complete, but your true lifestyle, which can change and evolve with time.

When done purposefully, who you choose to be forces people to respect you. It also gives them the space to decide how involved they want to be in your life, the same you decide that with others. Are you friends with person X or acquaintances? Will person X be your best man, or just the barista who serves you coffee?

So walk and talk in a way that expresses what's important to you and your future.

It's that simple.


I'm practicing this right now as I build out my life to network tactically and make more money. After those two steps are done, I setup a pintrest account to solidfy my image and help me to internalize it more each day.

Then I setup up my IG to match this. This takes a lot of time. I went form having hundreds of photos to only having 7 right now. They all suck compared to waht I'll be doing next, but my aim was to keep a relevant presence for new people that come my way.

The way I talk online is a subdued version of how I am offline. I don't have much spae and time, so I just let online be an amuse bouche be to my full course life offline. That way when people meet me, they aren't taken aback since they know in essence how I am.

When I talk with women I purposely use words that force them to decide if they'll get along with me. I use terms like "bigly" "King" "Serve". Commanding terms like "Speak" "Good girl" and more. Smart women know this is in jest and will play along. They pass the initial filters. Unhealthy women won't and will start fits. Delete.

No hard feelings. No need to get butthurt or make them feel butthurt. I just don't entertain the fuckery and keep it moving.

Frontload this hard work so that you'll never have to deal with the bullshit later.

It's a powerful way to stand out as a man among other prospects. Even if women don't say yes to you, they'll always respect, and that's what's more important.

A man who respects himself can only attract more respect in the form of power, intelligence, oppportunity, strenght, pussy, and other assets.


Nov 30, 2019
Most women are perfect; lovely, smart, funny, caring.

Problem is this is how they all come across when you meet them, as perfect.

Problem isn’t the women, problem is the men. They all think or lie or go beyond their own power to get to women while they hold so much dirt behind them.

Best is always to be a guy that’s builds his power, but has fun with women, and chooses the one he respects as people.