Warm IG leads in 7 days or less

Papi Knox

🇭🇹 🤴🏾P A P I 🍓
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Mar 11, 2019
OK let's talk about things that matter THANKS to the Covid-nonsense

I started doing an IG surge to find local girls, and it's working since they're all home alone, horny and bored

Beyond that this is gonna have an impact on my social status through town in the long run with social proof

ALL for my benefit with girls and in business

Here's what I'm doing:

1— Set my account to private

2— Follow 3000 local girls as fast as possible by setting a timer and hit 50 profiles each hour

3— A couple times a day confirm new followers, and like one photo (unless they're absolutely someone you would NEVER associate with)

4— Go public when you hit 3K

5— Mass unfollow all who didn't follow back

6— Open girls I'm attracted to only

7— Rinse and repeat as often as you like (I'm suggesting at least once a month or until you hit 10K)

This work best if your profile is high-value (mine isn't) and yet I still get 10 follows per waking hour that I do this

Already I have a date lined up, and already I have girls commenting that I have so man girls following me, "who are you" (intrigue)

Business wise, guys are now following me to see what I'm all about too

You have more time than normal, give it a go

Profit from the madness so you get out 10X richer and sexier

Papi Knox

🇭🇹 🤴🏾P A P I 🍓
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Mar 11, 2019

I'm now blocked from following the last ~230 girls

I gained 500 new girl followers

I started pruning and now I have 1976 followers

All for about an hour of effort in total

I opened many of these girls, Corona wasn't a BIG issue though no conversion for other reasons

Unless you count one girl who is in KY, while I'm in NY

She does whatever I tell her, which is awesome

When I have business in KY or I can get her here, it's a wrap

MY favorite aspects of this:

1— Growing my followership so easily
2— Having girls comment on having so many followers. Translation "all these girls I know think you're cool, i want to know why too"
3— I now have Cam girls and Cam photographers and girls with OnlyFans accounts following me, which is awesome clout
4— This has improved my confidence since I've setup my profile picture, post (only 1 so far), and bio to do all the heavylifting for me
5— I'm opening and talking with hotter girls than ever before
6— Filtering out hundreds of bad prospects well before I send a message
7— Less emotionally attached to the process and dare I say more OI
8— This is repeatable for me and any else, next time I'll aim for 1500 instead of 3K to avoid being blocked


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Apr 10, 2020
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