Welcome to the decline of western civilization.

Pickle Rick

Nov 23, 2019
Observations on the collapse.




To start this thread what I have noticed and what no one seems to be talking about is the cost of things.

Real estate is too high and people don't seem to understand the difference between cost and value.

Cost of everyday things as well as education, insurance, medical treatment and insurance.

I get the feeling we are getting pinched.

The high real estate market indicates suppression of inflation and the debasement of the dollar.
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Apr 30, 2019
Nice! Let's go! I love these kinds of topics!

Western (and most of Eastern) Europe has already collapsed so I'll be talking about the US. I guess this will be a mini-article of sorts based on my background of cultural and social history, which is what I studied in college.

Economically, we've been screwed for the last century or so.

The second our elder statesmen realized that it was possible to raise both taxes AND spending by starting wars for no reason and being the very same terrorists that we claim we defend against (my dudes, FDR was just as much an authoritarian dictator as Hitler was), it was over.

After we got off the Gold Standard, it was buh-bye for-fucking-ever.

Literally nothing has changed. War has become the life blood of our economy and the only way it can be sustained is to be at war. Peacetime = depression for the US's economy.

We've also been screwed culturally for the last century or so.

Sure, chicks and nonwhites were inconvenienced until civil rights and women's movements took place, but for the last 20 or so years, that inconvenience has now been passed onto white dudes. But the sources of the inconveniences have merely shifted. They never went away. They've existed for roughly a century, since World War 1.

The 2020s will be the final decade where American citizens will be able to experience some semblance of freedom. You heard it here first.

There are four narratives that have given the government a near infinite amount of agency in the lives of the citizens to where citizens will not be able to conduct themselves without needing to seek consent from elder statesmen going into the 2030s. These are, in order of when they were thought up:

-Weak people (children, chicks, disabled, mentally ill etc) must be protected from themselves at all costs (started by theocrats who founded the US, who thought that God could "save" these types)
-We need to fight terrorists (aka people who even loosely threaten or attack anything on US soil) even if it means being terrorists ourselves (started by theocrats and exercised by dictators masquerading as leaders during both world wars)
-The government knows what's best for all Americans (started by great generation traditional conservatives after world war II)
-Americans have the right to healthcare, education, a "living wage," and anything else deemed "necessary for survival" (started by hyper-progressive baby boomers after the Vietnam war)

If you approach any given American, and I literally mean any given American, even the ones on this board possibly, they will agree with at least one of these four observations. The common American will happily agree with all four blindly, as if they are fact.

However, none of these four observations are accurate and none of them contain good intentions in the long term.

Weak people should not be protected from themselves. They shouldn't be protected at all. Laws of nature should be followed at all times. It isn't "Lead, follow, or get out of the way," It's "lead, follow, make your own path, or die."

If you try to save a weak person from themselves, they will not become strong. They will stay weak. They remain a waste of space. Let them fend for themselves, and they have the opportunity to become strong.

Theocracy is why our government is still obsessed with protecting certain people, and the flavor of the century has been children.

Because guess what? Anybody, from the Sanders nuthugging feminist who believes that there are over 9000 genders to the Trump nuthugger who collects rifles but does not know how to shoot a handgun will agree that children should be protected from themselves.

Both groups would agree with that observation. They may disagree on what the children should be protected from, but they will both agree that children need to be micromanaged like caged animals until they become adults.

If I was pursuing a graduate degree in social science, you best believe I would be doing research on this, and it would prove my observation perfectly true. In fact, I secretly want to go back to school and do this, but it would mean that I would have to kiss the asses of professors again (which is practically the only way to do well in social science classes in college lol) so I'm good on that.

Justice is vengeance. Literally. Understanding, pity, and showing others how to recover are a much more effective way of teaching wrongdoers than punishing them. The only exception for this to me are violent crimes, but that's neither here nor there.

I remember about 7 years ago when somebody stole my copy of The Dark Knight rises. It was a friend of the kid who lived with me who shopped at my job a lot. After he stole my copy of the DVD, I bought another copy, waited for him to come into the store, and gave him the copy that I bought.

I said nothing as I gave it to him. He asked why I was giving him the DVD. I just shrugged and said it was because I wanted to and that I heard him talking about it a lot so I thought he might like it.

No accusations. No demands. Just me feeling bad for someone who felt like it was necessary to steal a DVD from me.

Answering petty theft with gratitude. Talk about poetic justice.

That was the last time I saw him. He won't steal anything again for the rest of his life, I guarantee it.

And no one stole anything from me again unless I was stupid enough to leave something valuable out in the open where it could be stolen easily.

However, Americans have been taught that it is better to be vengeful. This has ballooned into a culture that is addicted to war. Even activists refer to people who agree with their views as "allies." As if they are fighting a war.

I believe that Americans trusted the government the most after World War 2: After all, our great military protected us by nearly evaporating the Japanese who blew up a small harbor (and also incarcerated nearly 200,000 Japanese Americans afterwards), ended the great depression with the New Deal, and hooked world war 2 veterans up with the GI Bill.

This was the point of no return, and now citizens were stripped of any concept of self-government, from Marxist Anarcho-Communism to Randian Anarcho-Capitalism (ironically, Ayn Rand's writing career blossomed around this time). Both were demonized going into the 1950s.

And then came the progressive movements. The civil rights movement. The women's movement. Human rights organizations popping up all over the US.

Their logic?

"If the government is gonna inconvenience us, it should instead force others to give us conveniences."

Instead of pushing for Anarchy or simply making their own societies and culture (which is very possible, just google "intentional communities") they wanted government to try to make their lives more convenient by making things potentially inconvenient to others.

I can't blame them for doing what they did. They were doing what they thought was right and again, any form of anarchism or any notion of creating your own nation was simply not acceptable back then.

Which brings us to today, and by the 2020s are over, a fifth observation will be seen as a collective fact by Americans:

-Those who think for themselves are a threat to our culture.

To be really honest this has always been an observation that has been universally agreed on, but it has always been a defense mechanism more than an imperative.

Going into the 2020s it will become an imperative.

The suggestive "come join us" will become the imperative "join us or pay."

As Alpha 2s, we are actually taking a massive risk to our reputations by doing things on our own terms and this will become more and more apparent going into the 2020s, especially in the US and Europe.

Fortunately, it is still possible to go where you are treated best and to me, if you want to be Alpha 2, you should make plans to move out of the US or Europe permanently by the end of the 2020s.
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Pickle Rick

Nov 23, 2019
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Off to Asian I go with periodic returns to North America--mostly the states for business and Mexico because...


Yes, I think it comes down to the fact the corporatism and a cost-analysis approach to business is cannabalizing the whole system by offering low pay and no benefits and by outsourcing work to other countries: have you ever heard of an Apple factory in the United States. Also, addiction in the US. Compare that to say the late seventies and early eighties when a GM factory worker made fifty dollars and hour and had a pension and benefits. The opportunities are elsewhere these days (I still wouldn't want to work that kind of job). The factors are largely dependent on what city you live in now with San Francisco being bananas and other cities being somewhat appealing depending on a number of factors.

Certain business and jobs can still do very well in the US but the cost of doing business is higher (taxes, rent, all the red tape) so being location independent and getting paid in US dollars is the optimal way to go if you love to travel.

But really it's a lot of things.

If anyone doesn't think we are on a decline please watch any Christopher Hedges video on YouTube and report back to me and we can discuss the issue further.

In fact, I didn't realize how bad it was until I started viewing the videos.


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Apr 30, 2019
a pension and benefits.
Neither of these things should have existed in the first place. Because like war spending and money printing, those kinds of things did nothing more but give Washington and the corporations more power, authority, and agency. Promise anyone a "hook up" (via pension and benefits) and those who provide that "hook up" can take advantage.

It's like these neo-Statists who think that the government should provide "infrastructure." Right. Watch ONE John Stossel 20/20 video about public goods vs private goods to see how much THAT makes sense.

People don't realize how absurdly cheap everything was before the US went off the Gold Standard. You didn't NEED a pension or benefits because 1) living was stupid cheap anyways (so no pension was necessary all you had to do was save up cash which was very easy), and 2) Healthcare was stupid cheap because it wasn't regulated like crazy.

We may have not had all the tools, intellect, or technology to practice self-rule back in the day, but we certainly do now. If I had the time, energy, or resources, I'd do all I could to make the US be like Ascendia (Caleb's ideal US), but I want to spend that time and energy on internal solutions.

It is fun to talk about this kind of stuff tho.