When she asks for more time.


May 21, 2019
Does anyone have a strategy for what to do when she asks for more time with you? MLTR asking for more than one day a week. Occasionally she has got 2 days in a row on a weekend since staying overnight, but now trying to get a visit mid-week. I've always said she should "go for it" when she says she wants more time but if I can't give it, she will get it from someone else, but really what will happen is if she truly goes for someone else, she will LSNFTE me, it's just the way she is.

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Mar 11, 2019
She wants more attention, but she's not going to leave you. Assuming you're giving her orgasms every time you fuck and aren't being needy.

You can spend more time with your MLTR... if you want to do that. When I see my MLTR it'll be twice in a week or for a couple days at a go.

If she's Low-end to you go for 1-2x per week. High-end go as far as 2x or an extended stay. Between your emotions and your life outside women, you'll know what works for you. Decide based on that. NOT based on what she "says".

If you're busy be direct and upfront.

"That sounds wonderful. This week won't work, but we can make next week work. Just the two of us no work"

Be honest, then propose an alternative.

Only plan a date because you WANT to see her though, not because you're afraid she'll leave you. The latter is needy, and she's knows it so she's basically giving you a shit test. If I don't want to see a date genuinely and she complains you're always busy, I just say:

"Yeah I have a rich and full life, it's awesome."

That's it no explanation or next date idea.

Right now though you care too much about this relationship. You can care about the girl and even love her, but if you are pressed for this one relationship you will fall into the needy state and that's when the worse pain comes.

SOLUTION: Date more.

Setup a few more dates for July and start meeting new women with the intention of adding one or two more as FBs, maybe another MLTR to the mix.

Do this to be less dependent on this one relationship. Outcome dependent.

Plus she'll smell other women on you and start acting right to keep you in her life. Tables turned Brother 🆒


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May 5, 2019
Lenox is right as usual.
I would like to add that if she still drops you, you will have to cope with whatever feelings you get from it, go on, fuck more women and work. Because if you change anything in your life in order to please her, you will start resenting her a lot. And it will be much more difficult to cope with those feelings because you will have them everyday and will pile up.
Also, if she leaves and comes back, take her as if nothing has happened. Outcome independence is the core of happiness.